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Both were European-designed guns chambered in nine-millimeter Luger, both carried up to fifteen rounds, and both had external hammers and decockers. Both fired the first round in double action mode and subsequent follow-up shots in single action. The Beretta weighed Bureaucratic bickering led to two trials, in and To no one’s surprise the A1 came out worst, but the P led in many categories , particularly reliability. Later, Beretta and Sig Sauer wound become the two finalists. While the Sig was the cheaper handgun, it also quoted higher costs for magazines and spare parts, boosting the overall cost of the acquisition.

Sig Sauer P226 vs. Beretta 92L: Which Is the Better Gun?

Glock 19 September 7, Personal Carry: Glock 19 There are plenty of gun enthusiasts who have a preference for what they carry on a daily basis, be it concealed or open carry. They have strong preferences based on their training and the weapons they have worked with. This article is not for them. Glocks are manufactured in Austria and are polymer framed semi-automatic pistols.

Sig Sauer was founded in Germany but is currently headquartered in the United States.

Mar 16,  · No. Sig Arms(now called Sig Sauer), never used the old German codes. If you want to get the manufacturing date of a newer Sig then you need to contact Sig with your serial number. Most new Sigs have the manufacturing date printed on the case they come in.

They’ve switched to a number of metal injection molded parts that have sometimes caused issues the takedown lever either breaking or deforming–in some cases in a manner that locks up the gun–is one example of MIM issues and cut other corners in manufacturing. I can’t really advise anyone to get a brand new SIG these days, not the way they’ve started making them. That said, the later ‘s still seem to be alright; I had a newer one that was well-made and reliable.

I also have a new R frame and found the trigger pulls have gotten a lot rougher recently compared to unfired, older makes. Likely, this is the MIM fire control parts, with their less precise, rougher finishes. Widespread anecdotal evidence much of it from vendors suggests SIG’s quality inspections are missing all kinds of issues, from splotchy nitron finishes, to misaligned componenets, such as a frame milled off-center, so that one side is extremely thin and the other overly thick.

Sometimes, pistols ship with the wrong guide rod. A recent batch of ‘certified pre-owned’ pistols were sent out with some sort of black paint material covering bare spots in the finish; it wore off immediately under normal handling. In short, SIG has fallen to shocking lows. The company, under it’s former Kimber CEO, seems more intent on making thirty different finishes and bling-bling race guns than reliable service pistols.

To address your specific questions, recent ‘s have had a lot of extraction issues; again, anecdotal accounts describe shipping the same pistol back to SIG multiple times to work the issue out. It is my current understanding that the R’s are manufactured in Germany–mine, as I noted, is a ‘mutt’ R conversion frame with a slide, so I can’t say for certain.

I’d personally lean towards the R if I were contemplating a SIG purchase these days–of course, I’ve converted to Glock out of disgust, myself. That said, there are lots of ‘s out there that are working reliably for folks.

Sig Sauer P226 Dry Fire Practice W/ Snap Caps

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Originally Posted by coopXX I’ll try to keep it short while also including all the pertinent information. I don’t want to derail this thread but I understand perhaps some background info may be necessary. Fired about rounds of. I used those and still had no luck. I’ve attached a picture showing targets with my typical grouping. About this time I had a local gunsmith take a look at my sights.

After shooting another rounds through it with no success I also had others shoot it in this time span and no one could get a good group with it I decided to buy some aftermarket sights.

SIG SAUER Introduces 16 Inch MPX (GEN II)

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This guide will be a bit more focused in its target audience, however. It is aimed at the discriminating customer who wants that special pistol or two in his or her collection and is pondering the differences of each model. What qualifies as high end and exotic? What it means to me, first and foremost, is build quality, parts quality, and execution. Its also about performance, meaning inherent mechanical accuracy, trigger quality, ergonomics, etc.

Likewise, there are many expensive pistols that I would not call high end and there are many rare pistols that are far more obscure than they are truly exotic. I mentioned that this guide would be focused in its approach. I will further illustrate that by explaining what is not going to be included. Yes, there will be some omissions in order to keep us referring to apples and not oranges.

SIG Sauer Proof Marks and Date Codes

These are the best for my purposes at the range, and probably for many others, too. Should have called it “Top 10 Range Guns,” liar! Think about why not and maybe you’ll understand. As indicated extremely clearly by the title, this list is for gun savvy hipsters who want to hear about guns that aren’t on literally every single other Top 10 list out there. Also, believe it or not, better shooting guns exist, and these count among them.

The SIG Sauer P is a full-sized, service-type pistol made by SIG Sauer. It is chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum, S&W, SIG, and Long Rifle. It is essentially the same basic design of the SIG Sauer P, but developed to use higher capacity, double stack magazines in place of the single stack magazines of the P

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There was no way to machine a hardened slide blank, and if one attempted to heat treat a slide after machining it would warp. As a result the early slides were prone to cracking and severe wear from peening. Later they also installed a hardened insert in the breech face where the firing pin hole was to prevent deformation. In the slide stop notch was flame-hardened to reduce peening damage.

Aug 30,  · Sig p serial no and age. This is a discussion on Sig p serial no and age. within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Can any one plz tell me how can i get to know that my sig is german or us made from serial no also how.

I understand the appeal of something other than black and clunky. After all, we ladies do like pretty things. And yes, that car turned out to be a lemon. It sure does look good, but try before you buy. Unlike the dress or shoes, your gun might just save your life. What use is it stuffed in the back of the closet with the tags still attached?

A gun is a tool that can save your life.

SIG Sauer P226 SAO Legion: My Favorite P226 (HD)