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Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, U. After this success the band moved to New Jersey in the U. Neither song charted and the band signed with Motown Records which they left in Ronald under the alter-ego Mr. The Isley Brothers are one of the most enduring and influential bands in pop history, and to see them live is a truly a mesmerizing experience. With the band heavily influenced by doo-wop and gospel music you know you can expect to hear their music delivered with much passion and soul.

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The dryer tumbles, a heating element or a gas burner ignites and this hot air is swirled around your clothing and discharged from the vent at the rear of the dryer. Most dryers discharge this air through an outside vent that is connected with a hose. Properly installing the vent hose is the key to hooking up the metal vent on the back of a dryer. If the dryer vent and the outside vent are directly above and below each other, solid metal pipe is preferred with two degree angles.

If the vents are in different locations, a flexible metal pipe works best. The vent pieces leading away from the dryer are considered the “male” pieces. These pieces are always inserted inside the pipe during the run. For example, the vent pipe on the back of the dryer is inserted into the next piece of pipe; that piece of pipe is inserted into a degree bend upward, and then the degree end of the pipe is inserted into the following pipe as it rises toward the exhaust vent.

Cut the pipe to the length needed with a tin snips while wearing gloves. Once the pipes are in place, wrap the joints with metal tape to seal them. Do not insert screws, because the threads will collect lint and begin to clog the pipe. The metal vent pipe on the back of the dryer is inserted into the flexible pipe and the end of the flexible pipe is inserted into the exhaust hole vent.

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Remotely control your lights and appliances Turn On and Off your lights and appliances from anywhere, right from your iOS or Android smartphone Group devices in the same room to control them together. Share selected devices with family and guests. Etekcity and similar remote control outlets , B ulb sockets , Projector screens , Cabinet lights , and many more How many outlets per Hook?

you will have to be forward and be proactive to make it happen, because i’d say that most people don’t go out to concerts expecting to hook up with someone. the guys you come on to will probably be surprised.

Since debuting in he has become one of the most musically diverse and commercially successful pop stars in the world. He made a name for himself with a dead on Elvis Presley impersonation, but it was a later obsession with Jimi Hendrix that lead him to pick up the guitar and start writing songs. At the age of 17 he graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a full time career in music, everything looked to be going his way as he signed a contract with Motown Records in , the year after he made the move, but it was not to be the case.

Music industry fumbling meant that Mars went nowhere with his solo career but made one crucial contact in the form of Phillip Lawrence, with whom he would later team up with to form his production group The Smeezingtons along with Ari Levine. When I first got there, everyone was really hyped up and excited, and the mood was contagious. The merchandise were cool, though it was very expensive but what else do you expect at a concert?

Aloe Blacc went on before Bruno and sang some of his famous songs, and later came out to sign autographs. When Bruno finally came out, he did so with a big bang literally, it sounded like a gunshot. Throughout the concert, he remained energetic, and would also stop every once in a while to talk to the audience.

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Woodlands Concerts Woodlands Concerts The greener the tomatoes, the tangier theyll turn out to be. Tomatoes that are turning color, or what we in the produce business call breakers, are also good for frying showcase the best gravy! Ill tell you ways to repeat this too. Fried green tomatoes and gravy makes a quality meat stand-in. Woodlands Concerts Eye surgeries seems regarding very expensive and not much guaranteed way boost eyesight.

Collaborating often with the poet Shel Silverstein, the group achieved notable chart success in the UK and US with their soft rock sounds and all these years is it easy to hook up at concerts these songs have stood the test of time well.

Although the band had a reputation as a mouthpiece for humorist Shel Silverstein , who supplied several of their biggest hits including “The Cover of Rolling Stone” , they didn’t rely exclusively on his material by any means. And, during their peak years, they were just as famed for their crazed stage antics, which ranged from surreal banter to impersonating their own opening acts. Sawyer ‘s distinctive stage presence stemmed from his enormous cowboy hat and an eye patch that hid injuries from a serious car accident in Sharing the spotlight on guitar and lead vocals, the duo teamed up with Sawyer ‘s bandmates from a group called the Chocolate Papers: Phillips soon moved home to Alabama and was replaced by local drummer John “Jay” David.

Sawyer ‘s eye patch inspired the nickname Dr. Hook , after the Captain Hook character in Peter Pan; with the rest of the band christened the Medicine Show a possible drug reference , they began playing some of the roughest bars in the Union City area, concentrating mostly on country music out of sheer necessity.

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Karen Cuneo Ramirez is one of my favorite person when it comes to practical music theory http: ChuckO You seem to know theory but it seems odd that you are looking at actual chords and their frequency and not the chords relationship to the scale which would seem to me to be more relevant. Although it would be interesting if hit songs in the key of C were prevalent especially if the singers tended to sing in a particular range.

ChuckO By range I mean octave. ChuckO And I meant the root chord to a minor 6 chord not root to minor 4 chord. This is why I transposed all the songs to the key of C.

Picking up girls at concerts is easier when you are close to the stage. There are two (2) reasons why being in close proximity to the performing acts gives you better chances than being further out: A lot of girls like getting to the front row.

Survivorman – Les Stroud hi gang – a shout out to web girl for keeping the Facebook and Twitter and Instagram fires burning over the last month by the way mark in your calendar that web girls bday is august 25th – send her some belated wishes! Many changes in the TV industry these days, so I don’t have a solid update on what happens next in terms of filming new Survivorman or Survivorman and Son, but as soon as I know you will know.

Thanks for hanging in there – don’t count me out yet!!! Many years of creating ahead of me that will hopefully bring you enjoyment and perhaps even inspire you to re connect with nature OH – and how about a once and for all answer for those of you who keep asking me to join forces and make a show with pretty boy Grylls or Cody the diva or Naked and Stupid or Alone But Not Really or Dual Idiots not certain about the show titles: I don’t mean to be harsh and in fact kudos to Grylls and Cody and Matt Grahame for actually being adventurers in their private lives but why on earth would I, who’ve spent the last 15 years surviving for real and making those films for you, risking my life in the process for REAL, bother to hook up and take part in any one of those other shows – all of which fake, contrive, set up, pretend, or otherwise lie about what they are actually doing?

I’m sorry if I have burst a bubble or two – sorry Virginia there is no santa claus and those shows are all staged – I’m in the industry – I know I wouldn’t bother – they can only fake survival not go through it for real – so what do I think of those shows and their ‘survival’?

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Share View photos Artists these days have a new concern at the forefront of their minds when designing tours and concerts: A chief driver of that worry is Instagram. In the last year, the social media app has added million monthly active users — doubling in size and bringing its total global user count to twice the size of the population of the United States. And even more are making regularly posts and Instagram stories about music, with concerts a particularly popular photo and video subject.

Is it fair to say a lot of that is directly because of Instagram? So the preoccupation with Instagram moments is coming from artists, not designers.

TenTen Concerts House concerts made easy: ten songs, for ten+ guests [This is an excerpt from Fran Snyder’s forthcoming book, House Concerts and Modern Touring for Small Acts. Snyder is the founder of , which is the most active house concert community on the planet. Stats and opinions in this piece come from 8 years.

It was not until , when the project was revived by the merchant community of New York City that any action was taken. A plan to raise money was presented to the Provincial Council of the Colony of New York and approved. The funds to purchase the land and construct the lighthouse came from the proceeds of two lotteries.

The said Lottery to consist of 10, Tickets, at Forty Shillings each, whereof are to be Fortunate, from which 15 per cent is to be deducted. The drawing to commerce on the 2nd Day of November next or sooner of sooner full, at the City Hall in New York, under the inspection of the Corporation and two Justices of the Peace, or other respectable Freeholders of every county, who are empowered to inspect every Transaction of said Lottery.

A committee of New York merchants composed of Messrs. Cruser, Livingston, Lispendard, and Bayard were appointed to supervise the lottery.

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You can purchase tickets through the following means: Tickets are available online at AXS. Through Lakers Ticket Exchange , where you get tickets direct from other Lakers fans, verified by Ticketmaster. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for guests with special medical needs or guests with infant bags with an infant present.

Lakers Ticket Exchange If you want to get access to our best locations, buy straight from other Lakers fans through the Lakers Ticket Exchange.

He sent this in; a step by step guide on how to make out with girls you don’t know at concerts. He wrote it from the perspective of a guy trying to hook up with girls, but it can probably apply to other situations, or at least give you some insight into how some predatory guys are thinking.

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This can happen any time, at any place. The following are the best ways to meet women. Advice for each location included, and general pick-up advice can be found herein as well! Typically clubs can lead to more physical intimacy than emotional development, but a physical connection can also be a key building block to a relationship. A bar is a lot more talk friendly than a club. Both places are equally as effective when it comes to meeting women.

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He wrote it from the perspective of a guy trying to hook up with girls, but it can probably apply to other situations, or at least give you some insight into how some predatory guys are thinking. Pick The Right Show This is the first and most important step. You gotta pick the right concert. What are you thinking? But why start a fire by hand when you have matches? You have to be front row. How do you get there?

I have a wide array of strategies for getting through crowds. Just shoving ahead can work in certain situations, but is pretty blunt, rude, and will make the surrounding people automatically dislike you. Another way is to just tap politely and gesture ahead, asking if you can go through.

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