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May This essay is derived from a guest lecture at Harvard, which incorporated an earlier talk at Northeastern. When I finished grad school in computer science I went to art school to study painting. A lot of people seemed surprised that someone interested in computers would also be interested in painting. They seemed to think that hacking and painting were very different kinds of work– that hacking was cold, precise, and methodical, and that painting was the frenzied expression of some primal urge. Both of these images are wrong. Hacking and painting have a lot in common. In fact, of all the different types of people I’ve known, hackers and painters are among the most alike. What hackers and painters have in common is that they’re both makers. Along with composers, architects, and writers, what hackers and painters are trying to do is make good things. They’re not doing research per se, though if in the course of trying to make good things they discover some new technique, so much the better.

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Learn how to get natural-looking real estate interiors with window views. Photomatix Pro and Essentials are standalone programs running on Windows and Mac. Photomatix Essentials focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Photomatix Pro offers more options and includes advanced features such as batch processing and selective deghosting. Photomatix Pro includes a Plugin for Lightroom. Photomatix Essentials includes a Plugin for Photoshop Elements.

I need to keep a dynamic date selection in the selection screen variant for the background processing. The selection has to be from start of the month to current date – 1. for eg. if the current date is 11th june, then the selection screen should contain 1st june to 10th june.

In addition to the purposes listed above, we collect information, which may include your Personal Information, for the following purposes, To provide Services to our Clients. For example, when we receive your Personal Information e. We, our Clients or their ESPs, as applicable, will then send you a tailored e-mail based on our suggestions. To send to our Clients relevant information and updates related to the Services; To generally understand the needs and interests of our Clients and their End Users; To conduct anonymous analytics in order to improve and customize our Services and Platform.

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In cases where we are required under the applicable law, an End User may request that we will correct errors with regard to his Personal Information and allow him to receive certain details with regard to his Personal information. You can contact us at privacy dynamicyield.

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During the registration process for, or while using, any of the FFN Websites, you may choose to provide us with certain “Personal Information” including: When we refer to “Personal Information” in this Policy, unless we say otherwise, this includes “Sensitive Personal Information. All this information will be kept in a file that is accessed only by authorized FFN personnel or representatives. On some of the FFN Websites, you may choose to use our referral service to tell a friend or friends about us.

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A dynamic stamp consists of the image of the stamp and a Text Form Field with JavaScript that creates the dynamic information (Figure 2). Figure 2. A dynamic stamp consists of the PDF image and a Text Form field with JavaScript.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March A rocker bogie In motion – incorrectly shows chassis staying level; the chassis actually maintains the average of the two rockers Rocker bogie on Curiosity The rocker-bogie system is the suspension arrangement used in the Mars rovers mechanical robot introduced for the Mars Pathfinder and also used on the Mars Exploration Rover MER and Mars Science Laboratory MSL missions.

These rockers are connected to each other and the vehicle chassis through a differential. Relative to the chassis, when one rocker goes up, the other goes down. The chassis maintains the average pitch angle of both rockers.

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Expand All Which schools are best? Consistently ranked in the top tier of law schools in the nation, ours is the premier law school in southern California. And, as judged by academic peers, the university itself consistently ranks in the top half-dozen in the country. The university boasts 13 schools and colleges, 69 departments, and 19 libraries.

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NET, Chapter 1 — Introduction to. NET This article was written in and remains one of our most popular posts. NET is one of the most widely adopted Web application platforms available today. This series covers the basics the new or practicing. It comprises 4 articles: Finish off by developing your first ASP. This chapter begins below.

NET page structure, and understand the View State. Lastly, we discuss the concept of object-oriented programming and the philosophy of separating design from content as we look closely at code-behind. The chapters cover everything from the basics of database design and development, through ADO. Your Feedback If you have a question about any of the information covered in this series, your best chance of a quick response is to post your query in the SitePoint. Suggestions for improvement as well as notices of any mistakes you may find one or two may have slipped through the cracks are especially welcome — submit these to SitePoint Book Support.

It is a technology that Microsoft claims will reinvent the way companies carry out business globally for years to come. What is this show-stopping technology?

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General considerations Distinctions between relative-age and absolute-age measurements Local relationships on a single outcrop or archaeological site can often be interpreted to deduce the sequence in which the materials were assembled. This then can be used to deduce the sequence of events and processes that took place or the history of that brief period of time as recorded in the rocks or soil.

For example, the presence of recycled bricks at an archaeological site indicates the sequence in which the structures were built. Similarly, in geology, if distinctive granitic pebbles can be found in the sediment beside a similar granitic body, it can be inferred that the granite, after cooling, had been uplifted and eroded and therefore was not injected into the adjacent rock sequence.

Although with clever detective work many complex time sequences or relative ages can be deduced, the ability to show that objects at two separated sites were formed at the same time requires additional information. A coin, vessel, or other common artifact could link two archaeological sites, but the possibility of recycling would have to be considered.

Soul Search is a dynamic new educational program aimed at helping marriage minded singles find an alternative way to successfully connect with like-minded individuals. We offer valuable knowledge and tools to date “intelligently,” through personal development and mentorship opportunities.

Security Processes Security Rules You can set up and maintain security of access for different classes of users. Once you have identified who will use Oracle HRMS, what information they require, and how they will use it, you can group together users with similar requirements and give them the same view of the system. In what ways can you use security of access for different users? You can set up menus using structures and names that make sense to the users. You can also restrict the data users can view and edit in certain windows, so they only see what they need to see.

This provides security for your data and an efficient interface designed for your users’ needs. If you want different users to view the same window for different purposes, you can restrict their views in different ways. For example, you can:

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Program members also study the effects of monetary and fiscal policy on economic performance. One ongoing activity of this program is the Business Dating Committee, which is the official arbiter of the beginning and end of recessions and expansions. It has been my honor to serve as its director from its founding, 32 years ago. As I write, many eyes are on the program’s Business Cycle Dating Committee, which I also chair, as evidence grows that the recession that began in December may have come to an end recently or is about to come to an end.

The following graph shows the two main indicators the committee considers in deciding on the dates of turning points in economic activity, real GDP and payroll employment: Figure Both measures are stated as indexes that reached 1.

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Email Scientific drillships allow scientists access to some of Earth’s most challenging environments, collecting data and samples of sediment, rock, fluids, and living organisms from below the seafloor. The growth of scientific ocean drilling as a research technique has led to the development of new tools and methodologies and has fostered enduring international collaborations in research, education, and public engagement.

Advancement in Piston Coring Advances in piston coring in the s allowed research ships to routinely recover long sediment sections from the seafloor. These ocean bottom sediments, accumulating slowly over geologic time, contain microscopic fossils whose chemistry is a proxy for ancient ocean conditions. This pioneering vessel conducted drilling and coring operations in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans as well as the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

ODP was truly an international cooperative effort to explore and study the composition and structure of the Earth’s subseafloors. Exploring the Earth Under the Sea.

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When you type something like that in a cell, Microsoft Excel knows you are entering a date and automatically applies the date format to that cell. Quite often, Excel formats the newly inserted date according to your Windows default date settings , but sometimes it may leave it exactly as you typed. The most obvious visual indication that Excel has recognized the date you’ve entered is its right-alignment in a cell as opposed to left-aligned text values.

If Excel has failed to recognize your input as a date and you see it left-justified in a cell, try inserting a date in some other format close to your default short or long date formats. For more details, please see How to change the date format in Excel. If a date you’ve entered displays as a number of pound signs in a cell, most likely the cell is not wide enough to fit the entire date.

A modern girl’s guide to dynamic dating : how to play and win the game of love

Dynamic Dating NAU has a number of different sessions that fall under the umbrella of a term. For a regular term, there are 13 sessions, two of which are dynamically dated in order to correspond with grade posting cycles classes ending before midterm grading are associated with the DD1 session; classes ending after, with the DD2 session. Non-dynamically dated sessions begin and end on a specific date and follow standard deadlines within that session that are defined on the academic calendar.

All the classes offered in that session follow the same deadline. Dynamically dated classes are much more flexible.

Dynamic Dated Classes (revised 9/1/06) Flexibly scheduled classes that don’t fall within the traditional semester dates can be defined in PeopleSoft as dynamic.

This step performs actions depending on whether it uses an OS image or an OS upgrade package. Extract the contents of the specified. Prepare the answer file: Create a new default Windows Setup answer file sysprep. Merge any values from the user-supplied answer file. Copy Windows boot loaders into the active partition. Create a fresh answer file with standard values created by Configuration Manager. Properties On the Properties tab for this step, configure the settings described in this section.

Apply operating system from a captured image Installs an OS image that you captured. Click Browse to open the Select a package dialog box. Then select the existing image package you want to install. If multiple images are associated with the specified Image package, select from the drop-down list the associated image to use for this deployment.


Advertisement Hitting a golf ball or jumping into a vigorous game of tennis without an adequate warm up or stretch increases the risk of injury. While traditional static stretching stretch-and-hold helps flexibility, it isn’t a warm-up in itself. Dynamic warm ups involve compound movements that allow you to stretch and warm up simultaneously — essentially moving the body while you stretch. Try these seven dynamic stretches that can help you warm up before your next workout.

Stand on one leg, using a countertop for support, and gently swing the opposite leg in circles out to the side.

The layers of illusions that create emotional drama dynamics in a relationship. Let’s begin with the man’s side of the story. Enter Phil. Phil will play the man’s role in the relationship.

All the support and ancient secret knowledge you need to make the Twin Flame journey The miracle filled adventure it is meant to be So you have met your Twin Flame, eh? And now your whole world has been turned upside down. Chances are that after an amazing first connection in which you felt a soul deep bond that was beyond this world, there is trouble in paradise at this moment… You did nothing wrong. Things are supposed to be how they are right now, because the Twin Flame journey is so much more than a romantic love affair or even the love of a lifetime.

No matter how long you have been on this journey, things can shift dramatically when you make some necessary inner shifts. You see, what you are witnessing in your outer reality, is merely a mirror of what you hold to be true inside yourself. This is true for every human being, but nobody mirrors you as clearly what still needs to be healed as your Twin Flame. The Twin Flame encounter triggers a healing so deep it will eventually transform your life completely.

This is because the Twin Flame journey is meant to fully align you to living the life your soul has prepared for you. When you can let go of your ego illusion of control and surrender to the Divine plan your soul has scripted for this round on planet Earth, the Divine design for your life will manifest in your physical reality. This Divine plan includes health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression, which together brings perfect happiness.

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