Human Endometrial Transcriptomics: Implications for Embryonic Implantation

Proliferative Endometrium During this part of the menstrual cycle, the endometrial glands are lined by columnar epithelium with nuclear pseudostratification, dense chromatin, and variably present small nucleoli. Early proliferative endometrium days 4 to 7 of the menstrual cycle is characterized by thin surface endometrial epithelium and sparse, narrow, straight endometrial glands lined by cells with mild pseudostratification of the nuclei. There are a few mitoses in the epithelium and in the stroma e-Fig. In the midproliferative phase days 8 to 10 of the menstrual cycle , the glands are slightly tortuous and the surface epithelium is columnar; the stroma is edematous and mitoses are present in both the epithelium and the stroma Fig. Mitoses in the epithelium and the stroma become more abundant. The stromal edema disappears Fig. Interval Endometrium The term interval endometrium refers to the endometrium during the first 36 hours after ovulation. Although suggestive of ovulation, this histologic picture by itself should not be considered as evidence of ovulation because it can be detected in anovulatory cycles and after estrogen therapy 2.

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Dapat di sebabkan oleh kurangnya produksi Progesteron oleh korpus luteum, atau endometrium gagal berrespon terhadap hormone steroid ovarium. Strategi penanganan mencakup dua hal utama: Keadaan ini sesungguhnya merupakan pencerminan ketidak mampuan kita dalam mengungkap penyebab infertilitas. Gangguan dalam reseptifitas endometrium telah diajukan sebagai salah satu sebab infertilitas.

Pada hari ke siklus haid adalah merupakan jendela implantasi, dimana saat itu endometrium ada dalam keadaan siap untuk menerima implantasi blastokis. Munculnya jendela implantasi ini tentu di latarbelakangi oleh adanya suatu perubahan hormonal yang harmonis, perkembangan folikel yang adekuat, ovulasi yang baik, serta produksi progesteron selama fase luteal yg cukup oleh korpus luteum.

result of histologic dating, based on morphometric analysis of endometrial biopsies col­ lected from a separate, unbiased population, correlated strongly and significantly with chronologie dating (r .

The utility of histological dating of endometrium in the evaluation of infertile couples is uncertain. Design Prospective multicenter study, with subjects randomly assigned to biopsy timing. Criterion standard for infertility was 12 months of unprotected, regular intercourse without conception and for fertility at least one live birth within 2 years. Setting University-based infertility practices. Patient s Volunteer subjects recruited at 12 clinical sites participating in the National Institutes of Health-funded Reproductive Medicine Network.

Inclusion criteria included ages 20—39 years, regular menstrual cycles, and no hormonal treatment or contraceptive use for 1 month before the study. Fertile controls were excluded if they had a history of infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, or recent breastfeeding. Intervention s Subjects underwent daily urinary LH testing. After detection of the LH surge, subjects were randomized to biopsy in the mid days 21—22 or the late days 26—27 luteal phase.

Pathologists at each site estimated the cycle day based on standard criteria. For the primary analysis, an out-of-phase biopsy was defined as a greater than 2-day delay in the histological maturation of the endometrium. Main outcome measure s The proportion of out-of-phase biopsies in fertile and infertile women was compared using logistic regression models with age at randomization as a covariate.


Some newer aspects of management of infertility. Fundamental role of folliculo-luteal function in recurrent miscarriage. Sonntag B, Ludwig M.

title = “Use of integrins to date the endometrium”, abstract = “Objective: To compare traditional histologic dating criteria of the endometrium with immunohistochemical criteria based on epithelial integrin expression during the menstrual cycle.

Barakat has made many useful observations about the effects of tamoxifen Nolvadex on the endometrium. As the potential number of women on tamoxifen increases, several points merit emphasis and dissemination to all gynecologists who may be asked by medical oncologists to render opinions on such patients. Women taking tamoxifen have thicker endometrial linings than women not taking the drug [1,2]. Barakat points out, some authors have found that tamoxifen is associated with an increase in endometrial hyperplasia and polyps [2], while others have not [1].

The relationship between tamoxifen and endometrial cancer has been postulated for nearly a decade [4], but not all series have been able to confirm such an association [1]. This may be because small series lack the power to observe such a rare phenomenon, even if the risk is doubled, as was suggested by the recently published B trial of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project NSABP [5].

These percentages were the same whether or not the women were taking tamoxifen. Of note, however, all cases of endometrial cancer were symptomatic. How should the gynecologist proceed when consulted by a medical oncology colleague or patient who has been taking tamoxifen? Certainly, patients with bleeding need endometrial sampling. Asymptomatic patients represent more of a dilemma.

Some authorities have suggested annual sampling [7], but many practicing medical oncologists are concerned that any discomfort associated with the procedure would limit the patient’s willingness to continue taking tamoxifen, which benefits both node-negative and node-positive breast cancer patients [8].

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Ultrasonic assessment of endometrial changes in stimulated cycles in an in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer program. Endometrial thickness and growth during ovarian stimulation: Fertil Steril ;

We included the eight histologic features subjectively described by Noyes et al. and all other characteristics judged to have potential value for dating the endometrium. The histologic features to be evaluated and the scoring system used to describe them were established by consensus among the three pathologists before the study began.

Adapted from Witkin et al. Unsuspected Chlamydia trachomatis infection and in vitro fertilization outcome. Am J Obstet Gynecol Nongonococcal-nonchlamydial salpingitis may also arise de novo as a primary infection. There is less fever, vaginal discharge, and liver tenderness than with gonococcal PID. Despite these differences, the clinical presentation does not adequately distinguish between the two, and reliance on culture is necessary.

Except for the presence of N. As shown in Table 1 , the cervix and vagina of healthy women contain an abundance of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. There may be a critical number of organisms needed to overwhelm local host defense mechanisms in the cervix, allowing an infection to ascend to the upper genital tract. There is probably a continuum from bacterial vaginosis to endometritis and salpingitis, because women with bacterial vaginosis are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with PID.

Steroid receptor levels and histology of endometriosis and adenomyosis.

Is endometrial biopsy really necessary? Speed points out that in women with suspected luteal phase deficiency, ideally endometrial biopsy should be carried out 1. A defective luteal phase DLP results from a relative deficiency in secretion of progesterone by the corpus luteum. Endometrial biopsy remains the classical way to diagnose an inadequate luteal phase. A study 2 which evaluated biopsies in women showed that diagnosis of LPD in both infertile and fertile women represents only a chance event; and hence luteal phase evaluation by histological dating of the endometrium is not worthwhile.

Moreover because of the discomfort and expense associated with endometrial biopsy, attention has turned to direct measurements of plasma progesterone levels as a means to rule out an inadequate luteal phase.

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Accessed November 8th, Diagrams Phases Proliferative phase: Early proliferative endometrium Mid proliferative days 8 – Mid proliferative endometrium and Ki67 staining Late proliferative days 11 – Day 10 – 12 endometrium shows glands that are more tortuous and crowded; intraglandular nuclear pseudo- stratification and mitotic activity are more prominent see inset and the stroma is edematous and mitotically active Ovulation: Traditionally assumed to be 14 days, but may vary Progesterone secretion inhibits endometrial proliferative activity and induces secretory activity Note:

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Endometrial biopsy performed for histologic dating does not distinguish fertile from infertile women. Chronic endometritis on endometrial biopsy does not predict the likelihood of pregnancy in general nor is it associated with live birth rates in assisted reproductive technology cycles. Endometrial biopsy should not be utilized in the routine evaluation of infertility. These items are provided solely for informational purposes and are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a medical professional.

Patients with any specific questions about the items on this list or their individual situation should consult their physician. By consensus, the Practice Committee narrowed the list to the top five most overused tests within specified parameters. Histological dating of timed endometrial biopsy tissue is not related to fertility status. Fertil Steril Nov;82 5: A critical analysis of the accuracy, reproducibility, and clinical utility of histologic endometrial dating in fertile women.

Midluteal phase endometrial biopsy does not accurately predict luteal function.

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